The Cycle of Clean

As Our Homes Age, The Condition of Our Surfaces Change, as Does the Cleaning Stage

The surfaces in your home have a life cycle. That cycle is referred to as the Cleaning Cycle. Every surface in your home will go through each phase of this cycle. The number of years between phases depends on both your cleaning routines and normal wear-and-tear.

Maintenance Cleaning involves maintaining the like-new condition of surfaces in the home. Maintenance cleaning starts on day one of a new home and includes, vacuuming flooring, wiping down the surfaces like shower walls and doors to prevent staining and buildup and the general removal of dust and soiling. If there is staining and mineral deposits (think ring-around-the-toilet), your home has moved past Maintenance Cleaning and is now in the Interim Cleaning phase.


Interim cleaning involves maintaining the cleanliness of surfaces in the home. As a home ages or when the clean of a new home is not maintained to new standards, the best a cleaning can do is considered an interim clean. Interim cleaning provides the same services as Maintenance Cleaning, however, as the surfaces now have staining, build-up or other signs of wear, the surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized, but will not necessarily look new anymore. This is the most common cleaning service requested by homeowners. Staining and mineral deposits can be reduced and are often removed by effective, routine and regular cleaning cycles. Both Maintenance and Interim cleaning cycles include “regular" and "deep" cleaning services. CLICK HERE for more details on the differences between "cleaning" and "deep cleaning" 


Restorative cleaning involves returning surfaces to original condition. The best examples of restorative cleaning would be stripping and restoring the finish on flooring or cabinetry, re-caulking showers and stripping and resealing stone counters. Restorative Cleaning is often required after years or decades of service when maintenance and interim cleaning is not returning the luster and shine of the surface. Yellowing, clouding, peeling of finishes, staining in caulks and dull surfaces are all symptoms corrected by restorative cleaning. These services require special training, equipment and supplies and are provided by restoration services.