What is the difference between a maid and a cleaning service?


We want to make sure you understand the differences between hiring an individual and hiring a company to provide your home cleaning services.  These are a few of the points often overlooked when hiring a home cleaner.

Becoming an employer

  Here in Idaho, if you hire an individual to clean your home, congratulations! You have just become an employer.  Whether you pay a flat fee, or an hourly rate and even if they only work a couple of hours a month, you have just become an employer of a Domestic Employee.  You are now responsible to obtain and pay for workman's comp insurance, unemployment insurance and fulfill all the necessary documentation and tax withholdings.  You also need to verify employment eligibility for the Federal Government and post all 10 mandatory employee information posters in a conspicuous place in your home. Here is a link to the posters from the State of Idaho Department of Labor.

When you hire a service, you are protected.  As your vendor, the cleaning service is accountable for all aspects of the employment relationship.

Safety Requirements

 On top of the government liabilities, you are also liable for any on-the-job injury or damages to your property from improper cleaning techniques or solutions.  You are also responsible to provide all the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every cleaning solution used, even if it is an over-the-counter retail product.  A $10 or $20 an hour cleaner is likely not insured with the coverage needed to protect your home if something in your home gets damaged or goes missing.  Residential cleaning has a very high on-the-job injury likelihood and, without workman's compensation insurance, you are wholly liable for injuries sustained in your home by an individual home cleaner. 

Reputable cleaning services carry all the appropriate insurance and bonds to protect your home and the employees.

Sick Days

 A cleaning service does not "call in sick" or take a vacation, nor do they have "family emergencies" preventing them from providing your requested services. 

Local Business

 Even franchise organizations offering cleaning services are locally owned small businesses.  All of them hire local employees and provide them with the safety and security of proper licensing, training and insurance benefits.  Nearly all residential cleaning service organizations in the Treasure Valley are local companies and all the industry employees are local, tax paying citizens, keeping your hard earned money right here in the area and supporting the many hard working cleaning technicians. 

Science of Clean

 The science of clean is very complex.  Using the wrong solution for cleaning is, at best, ineffective and, at the worst, damaging to the surfaces of your home.  Properly trained and equipped technicians provide the best protection for your home. As a few examples of common problems:
      - Mopping a pre-finished laminate floor every week with excessive water can cause staining, finish peeling and even visible ridges within just a few short years.
      - Cleaning stone counters with dish-soap will remove minerals from the stone and cause the surface to eventually lose its sheen and develop pits.

      - Cleaning marble surfaces with just about any chemicals will cause pitting, flaking and etching.  Sheen loss can be immediate and only corrected through mechanical polishing and buffing.

Professional cleaning services are trained in the science of clean and will use the correct solutions and techniques to both clean and protect your home.  Most professional services are also insured to protect you in the unlikely situation where the process or solution used by the cleaners damages your home or possessions.