At We Got This!! Home Cleaners, we have found that an educated consumer is a good customer.  We have provided some short articles to help you make an educated decision when it comes to hiring a cleaner for your home.   


The Clean Cycle!


The surfaces in your home have a life cycle.  That cycle is referred to as the Cleaning Cycle.  Every surface in your home will go through each phase of this cycle.  The number of years between phases depends on both your cleaning routines and normal wear-and-tear.

A Deep Clean!


 Probably the most common misunderstanding in the cleaning industry is the phrase "DEEP CLEAN". To imply that surfaces cleaned on a regular cleaning would be more clean with a DEEP CLEAN is simply untrue.  A cleaning professional will completely clean every surface they are asked to clean. 

Maid or Cleaner?


 We often hear customers talk about hiring "Mary" down the street to provide their cleaning services.  On the surface, this looks like a great deal, "Mary" is a lot cheaper than a service and doesn't have the overhead of a big company.  Besides that, she lives right down the street and is local and everybody wants to support the little guy. 

The Home Cleaning Checklist


Our Proprietary Checklist is the tool we use to guarantee we are meeting your expectations.  On a no-cost, no-commitment in-home consultation, we will go through your home with you and determine what clean means to you.  We will leave a copy with you at the consultation and after every cleaning appointment so you know exactly what services where performed.  Please log-in with your name and email address to view the form.