What is a DEEP CLEAN anyways?

Deep Clean or Regular Clean, What's the difference?

  Probably the most common misunderstanding in the cleaning industry is the phrase DEEP CLEAN. To add to the confusion, there are two ways DEEP CLEAN is used. One refers to the overall cleaning project, the second to the efforts involved in each step of the cleaning process. The second is often used to imply that surfaces cleaned on a regular cleaning would be more clean with a DEEP CLEAN. This is simply untrue. A cleaning professional will completely clean every surface they are asked to clean.  

  There is a difference between a regular cleaning effort and a deep cleaning effort. You may be thinking, "DUH", but the difference may not be what you are thinking. When a professional cleaner assesses a surface for cleaning, they do not decide with a homeowner to do a DEEP clean or a REGULAR clean. The surface tells what is required. The difference between a REGULAR and a DEEP cleaning is the level of soiling, not the level of attention to detail. If a cleaner is going to need to use special tools or techniques and a higher amount of effort or time, it is a DEEP clean. 

  When a homeowner asks for a DEEP CLEAN on their home, they are generally asking for more surfaces to be cleaned, not for the "normal" surfaces to be cleaned better. The surfaces in your home cannot be moved backwards through the CLEAN CYCLE, so removing staining and wear is just not possible, but there are likely surfaces not normally addressed on a regular cleaning that a homeowner may want addressed on a DEEP CLEAN project, maybe the baseboards or the inside of cupboards. Before someone starts a cleaning project, the scope of work to be done is established and the more in-depth that list is, the "deeper" the clean. With We Got This!! Home Cleaners, this scope of work is established using our detailed home cleaning checklist. From the cleaning project perspective, the more checks on the checklist, the "deeper" the clean.



A Cleaning Project Sample


Regular Cleaning

  A cleaning tech is working on a granite counter top. There are some food crumbs and a sticky spot from the grape jelly. The tech will clean the surface first to remove all the soiling (crumbs and jelly). The surface will then be wiped down with a sanitizing agent to leave a spot free, family safe surface.

Deep Cleaning

 Same counter, same tech, different week. There was a birthday candle mishap this week and there is melted bread bag stuck to the counter and one of the kid's craft projects got glued down when the babysitter was here in addition to the usual jelly spots and crumbs. The tech will first work on the stuck-on plastic and the adhesives with special tools and supplies. Once these are removed, they will clean the surface to remove all the remaining soiling (crumbs and jelly). The surface will then be wiped down with a sanitizing agent to leave the same spot free, family safe surface as prior weeks.